Kelp (a type of seaweed) is so high in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that it has the health benefits of an all-around every day vitamin. Kelp has a salty taste to it and some people use it in place of salt. It''s also a natural source of iodine and this is where a lot of its health benefits result.

MRH Certified Organic Icelandic Kelp

Vitality Boost Ha is created from ancient organic, fresh water plant matter. This supplement represents the best the earth has to offer in a bioavailable liquid providing a rich source humic acid, amino acids, and micro and macro mineral nutrients that restore electrochemical balance, helps rebuild cellular systems, enhances memory and ability to think clearly, reduces depression, stress, fatigue, and detox heavy metals. Minerals are what alkalize the body. If the body is in an alkaline pH state, cells remain healthy and do not mutate.

Morningstar Minerals Vitality Boost HA (humic) Liquid

Inner Vitality reduces viral loads, toxins, while helping to rebuild cellular structure and speed healing. Inner Vitality contains the most easily digestible and bioavailable organic mineral complexes and amino acids available.

Morningstar Minerals Inner Vitality Liquid (fulvic humic blend)

Morningstar Minerals Silver Boost Colloidal Silver is a powerful liquid mineral antiseptic/germicide/bactericide made from non-photosensitive ionic & colloidal silver at 200 PPM (parts per million).

Energy Boost 70 is a rich source of bio-available Fulvic Acid and macro mineral nutrients. Research results show that humic and fulvic mineral complexes enhance mineral and trace element uptake, supporting mineral balance without harmful buildup in the body. This type of mineral complex can also chelate heavy metals along the intestinal tract thereby reducing heavy metals in the digestive system. Energy Boost 70 also helps to reduce viral loads, toxins, and helps to rebuild cellular structure and speed healing.

Morningstar Minerals Energy Boost 70 (fulvic) Liquid