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Paradise Herbs Organic Imperial Adaptogen - Best Natural Solutions


Imperial Adaptogen is the ultimate adaptogenic formula consisting of the world's most revered and researched tonic herbs to bring the whole body into a state of harmony and balance. Imperial Adaptogen is designed to support the body''s natural ability to cope with environmental, chemical, physical and emotional imbalances. This is a natural synergistic blend of herbs in a balanced ratio, without isolating, fractionizing or using toxic solvents, harsh chemicals or gases.

Suggested Use: 1-3 Vcaps daily.

Serving Size: 1 Vcap.

Servings Per Bottle: 60 Amount Per Vcap

Proprietary blend of herbal extracts 500 mg*:
Eleuthero root (wild siberian) 0.8% eleutherosides b and e
Rhodiola root (wild) 2% salidroside 3% rosavins
Gynostemma whole plant (wild Jiao Gu Lan) 30% gypenosides
Reishi fruiting body (wild) 2.5% ergosterol 10% polysaccharides,
Ashwagandha root (wild) 1.5% with anolides,
Astragalus root (wild) 1% isoflavones,
Schisandra berry (wild) 9% schisandrins,
Lycium fruit 10% polysaccharides,
Cordyceps mycelia (Cs-4) 7% cordyceptic acid,
American Ginseng root 10% ginsenosides,
Suma root (Brazilian) 2.5% beta-ecdysterone,
Royal Jelly 6% 10-hydroxydecanoic acid,
Licorice root (Chinese) 12% glycyrrhizin,
Ginger rhizome, fresh (rainforest ginger) 2% gingerols,
Tangerine peel (chen pi) 5% flavonoids

100% vegetarian. No fillers, binders. Warnings Keep in a cool dry place, out of the reach of children. This product is not intended to be used by pregnant or nursing women.

I have only been taking this for a week and I feel 200% better than I have in months due to CFS and Adrenal fatigue. I take first thing in the AM on an empty stomach. Within 15 minutes I feel wide awake, alert and ready to start my day. I have stamina for the whole day. It lifts your mood and keeps you focused. I don''t find my way to the couch in the afternoon like before. By bedtime I am comfortably relaxed because I have given 100% during the day. No jitters, just sustained energy for the day. I love this and will buy again.
- Jack N, North Carolina

All the energy you need, none of the jitters you don't.
- Michael B, California

I used a variation of this when I first got Chronic Fatigue but couldn''t find suitable replacements when that product was taken off the market. This is the latest find and it works great for me. Its like a tonic and helps the body come right. I have more energy and can last longer during the day. Helps with the adrenals and from what I can determine, it helps ''normalize'' the body. One of my essentials at the moment.
- Ross C, New Zealand

My naturopathic doctor loved that I was taking this blend. I don''t get sick as often when I take adaptogens. Sara S, Arizona Highly effective product. When experiencing symptoms that are troublesome, this always helps me to feel better.
- Wanda S, Missouri