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About Us - Best Natural Solutions

In the picturesque beauty and relaxing atmosphere of the forest filtered air of Idyllwild, a village nestled in the San Jacinto mountain range 45 minutes from Palm Springs, started the journey to heal for Trish Seaward. Injured with a serious back sprain, she lost the ability to use her back or her knees without taking large doses of pain medication. After a year and a half she knew she needed to find alternatives to the painkillers that were damaging her liver and kidneys and creating a high level of acidity in her body which would result in loss of teeth, osteoporosis, and the demise of her immune system. After seeking methods to detoxify, and working with a local clinical nutritionist, Trish began the process of rebuilding her health. Using enzymes, supplements, changing her diet and lifestyle, massage and sweating her body using a far infrared (FIR) massage bed and FIR sauna, the muscles spasms began to subside, the ligaments began to repair and strengthen, and she was able to get off the pain medication. Therapeutic and digestive enzymes also relieved her allergies and acid reflux, and helped restore the use of her knees and back. From this healing success, Trish began a commitment to help others by creating Natural Solutions of Idyllwild now rebranded BestNaturalSolutions.com. She also achieved accreditation of CN (certified nutritionist) and CET (certified enzyme therapist).

With a criteria that products be organic, wild-crafted, from whole food, and not contain synthetics or other potentially toxic ingredients, Trish Seaward became an avid researcher. She found suppliers for skin and personal care, wholefood supplements, enzymes, RF/EMF protection, purification for air & water. Trish included spa services such as a far infrared massage bed, far infrared saunas, and Chi machines. She invites health oriented guest speakers.

When asked for a summary of her own healing process, Trish replied, "Choose organic foods and products with live enzymes, don't put anything on your skin you can't eat. Keep the body aligned with an FIR massage bed, and induce deep sweating either by exercising and/or using an Infrared sauna. Maintain a continual detox with bio-available minerals from fresh vegetables and/or high-quality organic Superfoods and liquid plant-based minerals with humic and fulvic. The goal is to keep the body alkaline." Trish stresses the importance of reading the ingredient labels especially the "other ingredients". A great deal of time is spent in product research continually seeking high quality. "We have found wonderful products, reasonably priced. That is why, I believe, our business has grown so dramatically. Our customers see and feel the results which accounts for the volume of reorders. We take pride in helping others toward vibrant health."

You can call Trish with your health questions direct at 951 468 2072. She is always looking for unique and effective products that restore and rejuvenate.