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Sprite Shower Filter - Hi Output, Replacement Filter - Best Natural Solutions

Sprite Shower Filters offer Chlorgon and KDF filtration to remove chlorine and other compounds that cause problems when breathed into the lungs and absorbed into skin. They also filter dirt/sediment/rust/odors. This filtration results in pH balanced water that can also be even more cost effective because you will use less personal care products to counter-balance the dryness from chlorination and toxins.

A study by the University of Colorado found that showerheads are a breeding ground for bacteria - a warm, dark haven to grow and multiply. An analysis of 50 showerheads from nine U.S. cities found about 30% contained high levels of a strain of bacteria that can cause lung infections when inhaled or swallowed. The researchers found that the levels of harmful bacteria were 100 times higher in showerheads than in typical household water. This means that when you shower without filtration, you are inhaling chlorine and other gases into your lungs and through your skin (causing hardening of the arteries, dry skin and hair), and bathing in a cascade of germs. The Filtration Media of Chlorgon with KDF Reduces and Removes Chlorine, Sodium Hypochlorite, Iron Oxide (rust), Dirt and Sediment, Odors, and helps to Balance the Water pH.

The High Performance Massage Showerhead can be adjusted from soft to strong output.

Cartridge Life: One Year. (Average Use with Average Water).

The cartridge is reversible and easily rotated to operate in either direction. Rotating the cartridge in the housing periodically backwashes the cartridge as it is filtering, ensuring balanced filtration, and reduces channeling of the filter medium. Replacement Filter Cartridges available in single pak.

Flow Rate: 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute) at 600 psi.

Material: Heavy duty white plastic with self sealing threads for easy installation.

Length: 8.25"Diameter: 3.25" (at widest point)