• Permanently sealed housing
  • High Strength bonding
  • Filter Life Rating: 1 Year

The Sprite Perma-Seal Shower Filter (SR) is an inexpensive, high performance shower filter. This popular model will effectively filter the shower water for a period of one year. For extra strength and durability it is ultra-sonically welded to create a permanently sealed unit. The SR is Sprite’s first shower filter to incorporate the patented “full-flow filter design” utilizing anti-channeling dispersal quadrants to distribute the water evenly throughout the filtering media.

Why Chlorgon instead of Carbon?

Carbon is efficient as a cold water filter. It's most effective at temperature ranges of 50-80 degrees (F). Most showers range in temperature from 85-105 degrees. At higher temperatures, carbon becomes ineffective. It will “off-load” and release contaminants into the water. Sprite shower filtration media was designed for hot water, becoming more efficient as the water temperature increases. Even using cold water, a minimum of 5x the amount of carbon to chlorgon would be necessary to filter the shower water.

Sprite invested a great amount of research in developing a line of realistic catalytic shower filters that filter both free and combined chlorines, dirt, sediment, odors, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxides, and more, from your shower water.

The High Performance Massage Showerhead can be adjusted from soft to strong output.

Flow Rate: 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute)/9.5 liters per minute

Filter Life: 25,000 gallons/94,635 liters or 1 year (whichever comes first)

Maximum Operating Temperature: 120 degrees Fahrenheit/49 degrees Celsius

Material: Heavy duty white plastic with self sealing threads for easy installation.

Length: 9" Diameter: 3" (at widest point)