Sensual Fire is a blend of the world's most powerful herbs for enhancing female desire and prowess, and contains the famous herb Damiana known for its sensually arousing qualities.

Sensual Fire is considered a warming formula (Yang tonic) used daily to increase vitality by helping to bring a woman's inner beauty out. It is designed to build up the Kidney Qi which according to Traditional Chinese medicine is the fundamental energy that governs sexual vitality. This natural synergistic blend of herbs is a balanced ratio without isolating, fractionalizing or using toxic solvents, harsh chemicals or gases.


Suggested Use: 1-3 Vcaps daily.

Serving Size: 1 Vcap. Capsules per Bottle: 60

Amount Per Serving Proprietary blend of herbal extracts 350 mg*: Epimedium leaf (Horny Goat Weed), Damiana leaf, Eucommia bark, Morinda root, Cistanche stem (Cistanche deserticola, Chinese Dodder seed (Cuscuta chinensis), Cornus officinalis fruit, Schisandra fruit, Rehmannia root (cooked), Cordyceps mycelia (Cs-4), Chinese Yam root, Lycium fruit, Panax Ginseng root (Red Chang Bai Shan Mountain), Dong Quai root, Cinnamon bark.

*Daily Value not established. 100% vegetarian. No fillers or binders. Warnings Keep in a cool dry place, out of the reach of children. This product is not intended to be used by pregnant or nursing women.

I am 50 years old and had lost my desire over the last few years. I tried Sensual Fire and WOW what a difference. Sex is all I think about now. My husband said it''s better now than when we were newlyweds over 20 years ago. I know not everything works for everybody but for the price it''s worth a try. Worked for me the first day. Louise F, Colorado

I have been taking it for over a month and notice a big difference. I take one a day sometimes two a day. It works great for me but I am very kidney/yang deficient. It is worth a try at the price. Reviewer, NC