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MOBU Herbals SOS Balm - Best Natural Solutions


Antibacterial, antifungal, rapidly relieves dry, cracked, itchy, irritated skin. Offers healing support for Athletes Foot, Nail Fungus, and Jock Itch. Great for Diaper Rash and Skin Abrasions. No first aid kit should be without this all-purpose healing balm!

S.O.S. Balm took care of my youngest son''s bleeding diaper rash and my oldest son''s athlete''s foot within a two days. It is absolutely a necessity for moms with young children! Stephanie M, Boulder, CO

The S.O.S. Balm has cleared up both of my daughters skin conditions. My 3 year old had keritosis pilaris all over her face and arms and my 5 month old gets eczema on her waist. This balm got rid of all the bumps, redness and dry skin. A wonderful product and a must have for anyone with sensitive skin. I could not live without it!! Shannon J, Idyllwild, CA

Ingredients: Olive Oil*; Coconut Oil*; Beeswax; Echinacea*; Chaparral*; Lemon Balm+; Peppermint*; Eucalyptus; Vitamin E; Essential Oils Blend.

* Organic, + Ethically Wildcrafted. Directions: Apply this all-purpose ointment directly to severly dry, inflamed, itchy, irritated or burned skin of the affected areas.