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MOBU Herbals Balms - Best Natural Solutions
MOBU Herbals Therapeutic Balms

Double strength gymnema for stabilizing blood sugar combined with green tea, kelp and 9 other herbs known for their slimming effects and ability to curb overeating.

Ingredients: organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, beeswax, organic gymnema, organic green tea, organic yerba mate, organic chickweed, organic fennel, wildcrafted cinnamon, wildcrafted ginger chips, organic kelp, organic uva ursi, organic hawthorn berry, organic licorice, organic gotukola, vitamin E, and organic therapeutic essential oils blend.

Directions: Apply directly to fatty areas of the body. May also be rubbed onto hands, wirists, neck, and throat areas. Apply before meals for best results.

I totally love Slim Balm! It has regulated my low blood sugar. I have tried so many things to lose weight with little success. I am finally eating less, losing pounds and feeling a lot more energetic.
- Lori R, Accountant