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MOBU Herbals X-Tracting Balm - Best Natural Solutions


Assists in pulling impurities from the skin. Effective on acne; bumps; bruises; moles; tags and other skin outbreaks and abnormalities. Fast relief from Insect Bites and Stings. Assists healing of Psoriasis; Eczema; and Edema. Gently relieves Rashes; Cuts; and Scrapes.

Ingredients: Olive Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Beeswax, Bloodroot+, Golden Seal+, Echinacea*, Chaparral+, Burdock*, Cat Claw+; Pau d\\'' Arco+; Peppermint*; Red Clover*; Black Walnut; Wormwood*, Cloves*, Tea Tree Oil. * Denotes Organic, + Denotes Ethically Wildcrafted.

Directions: Apply to affected areas. Great when used together with S.O.S. Balm for its moisturizing and supportive qualities. Note: It is advised to always consult a healthcare provider regarding skin abnormalities.

I''ve had a fungal infection on both of my legs for years, causing swollen, bumpy skin. I tried over-the-counter and prescription meds with only temporary results. When I began applying X-tracting Balm, I was surprised how quickly the symptoms disappeared after only a few applications. Now my skin looks better than it has in years! Steve L, Attorney

For over 4 years I''ve been suffering with a recurrent Staph infection on my legs and feet. I''m not exaggerating when I say that I tried absolutely everything to get rid of the ugly rashes. I met the owner of MOBU at a tradeshow in Las Vegas and she suggested that her products would alleviate the infection. To say the least, I was very skeptical. I used the X-tracting Balm in conjunction with the S.O.S. Balm on my legs at night for its moisturizing effects. I was totally shocked when one week later, my infection was completely healed! MOBU, you are a life saver! Caryl, Health Store Manager.

I discovered that the X-tracting balm will prevent a herpes outbreak. If I keep applying the balm to whatever area I begin to feel is going to erupt, doesn''t happen. If I ignore when I feel I am going to have an outbreak, applying the X-tracting balm to the blister results in no pain and rapid healing. My customers have told me this balm works for not only herpes, but skin tages, moles, and clears up just about anything that itches.

This balm is incredible!
- Trish S, Store Owner.