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Miessence Organic Buzz Free Spray - Best Natural Solutions


 Miessence Buzz Free is a certified organic natural insect repellent with no toxic chemicals. A combination of pure essential oils and herbal extracts keep the bugs at bay. Safe for humans and pets of all ages.

Ingredients: *organic aloe vera leaf juice, purified water, olive tea tree essential oil, *organic lemon scented tea tree oil, *organic catnip oil, *organic citronella essential oil, *organic bitter orange fruit extract, sclerotium rolfsii gum, +citral, +geraniol, +linalool, +citronellol, +d-limonene.

125ml/4.2 fl oz

* Certified Organic by ACO
+ component of organic essential oils.


My little boy has been a mosquito magnet for most of his 8 years and I wasn't happy about putting a toxic cocktail on his skin to repel them. We went to a picnic a few weeks ago and tried the Buzz Free. After an afternoon of playing outdoors with Buzz Free on, not one bite – amazing! Susan S.

I live in a mountain area close to several creeks and there is usually a cloud of flying bugs (knats, mosquitos) in the morning and evening. I have tried several bug sprays over several seasons (including a custom made by an aroma therapist). If I spray all exposed areas including ears/nose/mouth/eyes while closed, the Miessence/MiEnviron Buzz Free keeps me bug bite free and contributes to the health of my skin and body. The best. - Trish Seaward, Nutritionist