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MOBU Herbals CCC (coughs, colds, conjestion) Balm - Best Natural Solutions


A unique blend of herbs to provide relief for Cough, Cold and Congestion. This extordinary balm was created for much needed relief of dry hacking coughs. Fights germs with tea tree oil, reduces fever, chills and body aches along with soothing sore throats.

Olive Oil*, Coconut oil*, beeswax, eucalyptus leaf, horehound,* ginger root+, wild cherry+, Vervain*, elecampane root*, Echinacea*, chaparral*, chickweed*, colts foot*, feverfew*, pleurisy root*, white willow*, marshmallow root*, Vitamin E, and a blend or essential oils.* Organic, + Ethically Wildcrafted

Directions: Apply balm to back, shoulders, chest, and throat to help relieve symptoms of cough, cold, and congestion.

CCC Balm helps my asthma. I don''t like the inhaler so I rub CCC on my chest and throat area and that takes care of the hacking cough. T. Fauler, chicken farmer

I really like it at night when any one of my children wake up coughing I can rub CCC on them and they can go back to sleep. When one of my children has a sore throat, I rub on CCC and it usually takes care of it. My three year old loves CCC. She says, "I need some of that stuff on my chest". CCC Balm works better then any allergy or cough medicine out there. Cindy M., mother of 8 children