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Dr Alkaitis Enzyme Exfoliating Mask - Best Natural Solutions


A broad range of enzymes that rejuvenate the complexion by gently but thoroughly removing all accumulated cellular and microbial debris from  the skin.  

Directions:  Mix one or two teaspoons of powder with a small amount of water for blending. Apply in an upward motion with fingertips or brush onto clean skin. Keep mask moist so enzymes stay active. Tip: Use a spray bottle to keep mask moist. Approximately 25 masks.

Ingredients: organic oat buds, organic blueberry, organic bilberry, organic strawberry, organic raspberry, organic grapes, organic blackberry, extracts of organic barley grass and organic turmeric, cat's claw, and enzyme exfoliating complex of cellulase, xylinase, amylase, bromelain, papain, maltase, beta-glucanase, invertase, pectinase, mannanase, phytase, alpha-galactosidase, arabinosidase, glucoamylase.

Dr. A advises using the Exfoliating Mask only once a month for ten minutes.  

I find this mask leaves my 69 yr old skin SO clean and smooth. - Trish Seaward, CN, CET