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Dr Alkaitis Organic Facial Cleanser - Best Natural Solutions


Hydrate, nourish and balance all skin types with this soothing cleanser.

The organic castile cleansing base and blend of pure organic herbs, vitamins and oils, washes clean from skin without leaving any residue and leaving skin looking and feeling fresh, radiant. Cleanses gently, deeply, thoroughly to remove old skin cells and leaves the skin moist, soft, refreshed. Can also be used as a skin-softening shaving gel. Should not be used as an eye makeup remover. Has a fresh herbal scent.

Directions for Use: Apply a few drops of the cleanser to the face and add water until formula begins to foam. Gently massage in the cleanser, avoiding the eye area and rinse with warm water. Be sure to tightly secure the lid to preserve the pure, organic, ingredients.

Ingredients: organic cold-pressed castile cleansing base of olive/shea/jojoba/coconut/sesame/castor/borage oils; distilled water; organic chamomile; organic plantain; organic black elder; organic greater nettle; organic myrrh; organic bitter orange; organic rosemary; organic marshmallow; organic benzoin; organic marigold; organic lavender; organic sea wrack; organic Atlantic seaweed; vegetable glycerin; citrus seed extract; natural vitamin A,C,E; essential oils.

Tip - also makes a great shampoo and shaving gel.