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Dr Alkaitis Organic Travel Kit - Best Natural Solutions


Dr. Alkaitis Organic Travel Kit contains eight organic skin care products. It''s a great way to try this truly wonderful skin care. With daily use, the Travel Kit will last anywhere from one to two weeks. The products do not contain water and are quite concentrated. For instance, after using one of the cremes, the skin should not be shiny; this is an indication that you have used too much. A dewy look is the desired result.

"If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin."- Dr. Saulius Anthony Alkaitis

Dr Alkaitis is a highly regarded chemist, molecular biologist, ethnopharmacologist (trained in plant-based healing) and pharmacognosist (experienced in the medicinal properties of plants) who has worked with four Nobel Laureates and now blends his scientific research with his passion for plant life to create the most pure botanical skincare line possible. His theory is simple really. If a product contains live, active plant ingredients, it is not only more natural, but it is also more beneficial.

The majority of skin care in today''s market contains preservatives, additives and synthetic ingredients that do not support the skin's natural healthy balance. "Creating and refining our products is both an art and science. It begins with combining ''living'' ingredients," says Dr Saul Alkaitis. "This is a long term methodology for addressing the largest living organ in the body - our skin. We strive to produce a line that is aligned with nature to truly support the body's natural functions."

All of the ingredients used in the line are certified organic, biodynamic or ethically wild-crafted (obtained from unspoiled wilderness areas in a sustainable manner) from highly monitored sources. Each and every product is biologically active. You will feel this purity in the unique texture of the products; the way the cleanser washes away clean, the silky texture of the toner and soothing gel, and how quickly the cremes absorb into the skin, leaving it feeling like soft and moist. The holistic ingredients actually adapt to your individual skin's needs, so the line works for all skin types.

Kit Contains: Cleanser (30ml), Toner (30ml), Soothing Gel (30ml), Nourishing oil (30ml), Night Cream (7ml), Day Cream (7ml), Eye Cream (7ml), Beautifying Mask (1/4 oz). Complete instructions for use.

Tip: Container sizes that are convenient and allowed in air travel.